S N Bose National Centre For Basic Sciences

Q. Where is Kishlay located?

Ans:- Kishlay is located within the campus of S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, in a sprawling green environment.


Q. What is the size of Kishlay?

Ans:- It occupies about 1160 sq. ft. with multiple rooms hosting play structures, toys, ball corner, puzzles, building blocks, soft toys, library etc.


Q. What are the benefits of Kishlay?

Ans:- The benefits are as follows:

Children get to play and have lots of fun.

We provide them a variety of stimulating activities from time to time such as reading, story-telling, etc.

Children can mix/socialize with other kids of different age.


Q. What are the fees?


Ans:- The programs are reasonably priced.

Monthly charge of Rs.1200/- to be recovered from monthly salary/ stipend/ fellowship paid to the concerned employee/ student/ fellow.

Security Deposit of Rs. 1200/- is to be deposited at the time of admission. The said Security Deposit will be recovered from salary/ stipend/ fellowship of the concerned employee and refundable on one month's prior notice in writing before leaving. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of this deposit.

A fee of Rs. 100 per hour will be charged for late collection of children (maximum upto 7 pm).


Q. Why do we need to label the items of the children?

Ans :-
Labelling of clothes and other items of the children is a must for personal hygiene. As children of certain age group are unable to identify their good, labelling makes it easy for the staff to identify them. Kishlay will take NO responsibility for items or clothing not labelled.


Q. How do we communicate with Kishlay?

Parents are advised to visit the crèche to maintain a close report. Kishlay will keep the parents informed about the development of their ward as and when required.

Q. In case of Emergency whom to contact?

Ans:- Parents can personally visit or make calls
Ms. Kalyani Ghosh (Caretaker) and Ms. Mina Das (Ayah) at ext. no. 446
When the Centre needs to contact the parent, we will do so mostly by phone. Please ensure that the telephone numbers given to Kishlay are always updated. Kindly ensure that the mobile numbers are kept on and working during the working-hours of Kishlay.


Q. What are the children suppose to wear during their stay?

Ans:-  In order to ensure your child does not experience difficulty in safely traversing external free-play equipment and to facilitate independence at toilet time, please follow the dress code:
i) Short/trousers with elastic waist
ii) Loose tops or T shirts with short of length sleeves
iii) Cardigan and/or vest during winter
iv) Sufficient sets of clothes + disposable nappies/diapers
v) Shoes with Velcro fasteners or slip-ons
vi) Sheets and pillowcases (for children who use them)
vii) Feeding Bottles (if applicable)
viii) Hair Brush
ix) Personal Care Products (if required)
x) Apron

Q. What are the children not suppose to wear at the Centre?

Ans:-   i) No belts
ii) No laces or shoes
iii) No hoods
iv) No jewellery, hair clips or accessories
v) Clothing with too many buttons should not be used

No personal belongings like cup, spoon, fork etc of the children will be accepted. The centre will not be responsible for the loss of such items.

Necessary equipments like note book, drawing copy, crayons, pencil, eraser etc. to be brought should be properly labelled.

Q. What is the process of induction followed?

Ans:-   The major aim within the first few weeks (max. 15 days) is to provide the children with a warm, secure and supportive environment outside the home. Children will gradually be introduced to new equipment, experience, routines and friends. Kislay advice and recommend that you stay longer if it will benefit your child for first few days. When it is time to say goodbye, please do so promptly.

If children are still unsettled and uneasy in the new surrounding after the orientation period, it may be necessary to continue the gradual setting-in process on an individual basis. After the induction period, children should not be visited very often.


Q. What are procedures followed in case of medical emergencies?

Ans:-   1. In case of injuries of a minor nature (small cuts, bruises, bumps etc), necessary first aid will be provided and will notify the parents of injury over telephone.

2. If the injury appears of a more serious nature, staff will give first aid and the parents will be notified for further instructions.

3. Parents will be asked to collect their child immediately if he/she has diarrhea, nausea, fever or an unidentified skin compliant.

4. All children who are unwell should be kept at home, as they could be in the incubation stage of an infectious disease.

5. The following symptoms would require a child to be kept home:
i. Persistent Cough,
ii. Running Nose
iii. Sore Throat,
iv. Vomiting,
v. Loose Stomach,
vi. High Temperature,
vii. Rash or open sores, 
viii. Breathing difficulty,
ix. Conjunctivitis,
x. Head Lice (until eradicated),
xi. Pallid yellow skin and/or eyes,
xii. Chickenpox,
xiii. Measles,
xiv. Mumps,
xv. Diarrhoea,
xvi. Jaundice, etc.

Q. Do you administer medicine to the children?

Ans:-   Kishlay will administer medicine to your child as per the instructions of the parents in case of any common ailments. The parents must give written instructions about the time and quantity of the medicine to be administered together with a copy of the doctor's prescription.



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