Scope of the meeting

The model of percolation has been introduced 60 years before by Broadbent and Hammersley. This model has been turned out to be a simple, yet non-trivial model of phase transition, e.g., order-disorder transition in many systems with impurities. Because of its fundamental importance, this is an active topic of research in the field of statistical physics. The speakers (by invitation only) are well established scientists, who are either actively working in the topic of percolation or have keen interest in the same. The meeting is coincided with the visit of Prof. Robert M. Ziff (University of Michingan, Department of Chemical Engineering) on the occasion of the 12th C. K. Majumdar memorial lecture at the S. N. Bose Centre. There will be a limited number of talks, which would initiate further discussions.

Ph. D. students and post doctoral researchers (limited number), working in the area of statistical physics, are expected to participate in this meeting and to present posters.

S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Block-JD, Salt Lake-III, Kolkata-106