Date - February 26 - 28, 2018


Silver Jubilee Hall,

S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences




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Statistical/condensed-matter physics deals with understanding macroscopic properties of many-particle systems and encompasses a vast field of research in all the fundamental branches of science. Moreover, over the last several decades,standard techniques and tools of statistical/condensed-matter physics have been applied to understand properties in a vast range of classical and quantum many-body systems, such as magnetism, transport and optical properties, etc. In all these systems, correlations (both in space and time) play a crucial role and may lead to phase transitions and many other exotic phenomena, e.g., Bose-Einstein and multi-magnon condensation, quantum Hall effect and topological insulators, etc. Interestingly, various connections, through field theories and hydrodynamics, across these disciplines have emerged recently. The purpose of our proposed conference is to bring together leading researchers, young scientists and students who have been working in classical and quantum aspects of the problems. Provided below are the topics:

  • Fluctuation, relaxation and transport in classical/quantum systems
  • Nonequilibrium dynamics in systems (classical/quantum) driven far from equilibrium
  • Thermalization and equilibration in quantum systems
  • Phase transitions, structure and pattern formation in nonequilibrium
  • Other exotic phenomena in classical and quantum systems

The choice of the subjects and problems to be covered in the conference reflect precisely this multidisciplinary approach to understand collective phenomena, in general, whose complete theoretical understanding is still lacking. This makes the proposed conference timely and highly relevant as the conference would encourage collaboration among researchers belonging to different communities, binding together theoretical, numerical and experimental expertise.