About the Conference

Metalorganic materials and organic molecules hybrid with other materials have recently experienced a vivid scientific interest, which ranges from developing their practical application in molecular electronic devices to fundamental studies, giving microscopic insight through first-principles calculations. The present conference on Functional Metalorganics and Hybrids aims at bringing together scientist working in this area.

This is the follow-up conference of the one in Sweden in 2011.

Topics at the workshop include:

  1. Molecular electronics
  2. Coordination compounds/polymers
  3. Metalorganic molecule-surface interaction
  4. Functionalities of metalorganics
  5. Molecular magnets
  6. Hybrid of organic and carbon materials

Interested persons may write to metalorganic2013@bose.res.in BEFORE 30-TH DECEMBER 2012.

Registration fee *:

Students: ₹1000/-
Senior participant: ₹2000/-

(* Registration fee should be paid at Conference venue)