• Professor Subodh Kumar Sharma, SNBNCBS, Kolkata
  • Professor Ranjan Gupta, IUCAA, Pune

Local Organizing committee

Dr. S K Sharma, Dr. Kinshuk Acharya, Dr. S. Mondal (SNBNCBS)




Over past few decades, the light scattering techniques have improved due to various advances in computational power as well as improvement in mathematical abilities. The most common techniques use Mie Theory, T-matrix approach, discrete dipole approximation, eikonal methods and many other approximation and numerical methods. These techniques are adapted to suit various applications viz. (i) interpretation of Astrophysical phenomena as a result of light scattered from cosmic dust (ii) laboratory experiments on simulated dust samples (iii) medical and astrophysical applications etc. On international scene multiple conferences are held every year relating with these topics. In India, there are several interested workers in this field ranging from astronomers, theoreticians and laboratory physicists who will find the proposed workshop as an important platform to exchange new ideas and possible inter- disciplinary areas where collaborations can be initiated.

This workshop is meant for workers in these areas who could be interested in attending and making presentations.

List of Speakers and their expected talk titles (Tentative)

Gazi Ahmad Tezpur University, Tezpur Expermental analysis of particle samples
S Chatterjee IIA, Bangalore Growth of grains in astronomical situations and their light scattering properties
S Duttagupta Hyderabad University Null scattering from linear and nonlinear structures
R Gupta IUCAA, Pune Discrete dipole approximation and other tools to study light scattering phenomena
A Sen Assam University, Silchar Light scatteringproperties by regoliths
P Shalima IUCAA, Pune Modelling the dust scattered radiation in the galaxy
S N Tripathi IIT, Kanpur Scattering and absorption by aerosols
D B Vaidya IICSIR, Ahmedabad Composite grains: interstallar grains and circumstellar grains
S.K Pandey Ravi shankar university, Raipur Dust in external galaxies
Sandeep Sahijpal, PU, Chandigarh Nature and isotopic composition of the interstellar dust separated from meteorites
Nisha Katyal JNU, Delhi Dust related extinction in some specific line - of sights in our galaxy
Umesh Joshi PRL, Ahmedabad Scattering and polarization by cometary dust particles
Sathyanarayanan Bangalore
N.Ghosh IISER, Kalyani Spin orbit interaction of light mediated by scattering from plasmonic nano-structures
S.S Srivastava SAC, Ahmedabad
Firoza Sutaria IIA, Bangalore Dust from type II SNe
Amit Pathak Tezpur University, Tezpur Spectroscopy of astrophysical PAHs
Liton Majumdar ICSP, Kolkata Role of interstellar dusts towards chemical enrichment of the ISM
Ankan Das ICSP, Kolkata Chemical composition of the interstellar dust and deuterium enrichment of the ISM
Ramkrishna Das SNBNCBS, Kolkata Observation of Dust in Novae
SAMIR PAL SNBNCBS, Kolkata Dynamic light scattering: A powerful tool for Biophysical research
Soumen Mondal SNBNCBS, Kolkata Dust in substellar objects
Kinsuk Acharya SNBNCBS, Kolkata Dusts: Their role in Chemical Evolution of the interstellar medium
S.K Sharma SNBNCBS, Kolkata Analytic formulas for extinction by interstellar dust components
P. Panigrahi IISER, Kolkata
A. Pradhan IIT, Kanpur
B. Bansal IISER, Kolkata
B.G.Anandrao PRL, Ahmedabad Over view of dusts in interstellar environment

S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Block-JD, Salt Lake-III, Kolkata-98