(PCOTE17)  3rd - 5th January 2017      VENUE : Vedic Village Spa and Resorts

About the Conference

The interplay of charge, spin and orbital degrees of freedom in oxide materials gives rise to a plethora of exciting phenomena, which includes high temperature superconductivity, colossal magnetoresistivity,  metal-insulator transition, spin crossover, interface magnetism and conductivity etc. The rapid process of both experimental & theoretical techniques and simultaneous synthesis of new oxide materials have made this field a site of many activities. However, there remains several unsolved issues in connection to,

(a) Quality of samples - materials chemistry of oxides is challenging, fabrication is less developed compared to other materials,

(b) Understanding - Is difficult due to the presence of strong electron-electron correlation, poses challenge to existing theoretical tools

(c) Susceptibility to small changes  - Presence of competing ordered states, makes small changes in conditions important.

It is thus rather important to discuss the issues related to oxides using a common platform in order to open dialogue between the physicists and chemists, between experimentalists and theoreticians.

Topics included

  1. Charge & orbital ordering
  2. Multiferroicity
  3. Heterostructures
  4. Correlation effect
  5. Phase Transition & Magnetism

Final year PhD Students and post-docs are encouraged to apply by writing to pcote17@bose.res.in

  • Registration fee for students Rs. 2000/- (to be paid at the conference site)
  • No registration fee for invited speakers
  • Last date of applications : 10th December, 2016

  • S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Block-JD, Salt Lake-III, Kolkata-700106