Scope of the Conference

Statistical physics deals with understanding macroscopic properties of many-particle systems and encompasses a vast field of research in all the fundamental branches of science. Moreover, over the last decade, standard techniques and tools of statistical physics have been applied to topics such as distribution of wealth in a population, minority games, stock-market analysis, etc., which usually do not come in the conventional domains of statistical physics. Interestingly, various intimate connections across the disciplines have emerged recently. The purpose of this conference is to bring together leading researchers, young scientists and students who have been working in different disciplines of science and have been using primarily the statistical physics techniques for their research. The choice of the subjects and problems to be covered in the conference reflect precisely this multidisciplinary statistical physics approach to understand collective phenomena, in general, whose complete theoretical understanding is still lacking. This conference would encourage collaboration among researchers belonging to different communities, binding together theoretical, numerical and experimental expertise.

Topics included

  1. Fluctuation Relations away from Equilibrium
  2. Structure and Pattern Formation in Non-equilibrium Systems
  3. Interaction and Transport in Biological Systems
  4. Co-operative Dynamics in Socio-economical Systems
  5. Statistical Inference, Spin Glass and Data Driven Modeling
S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Block-JD, Salt Lake-III, Kolkata-98