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The Scientific Programme has been announced. | Persons accompanying invited speakers are requested to pay a registration fee of Rs 1500/- at the time of on-the-spot registration on 19th November 2015. | All posters are requested to be in Portrait Orientation of size 2ft X 4ft.

Prof. Deepak Mathur, TIFR, Mumbai

Prof. K. Bhattacharyya, IACS, Kolkata.

Prof. D. K. Palit, BARC, Mumbai

Prof. S. Venugopal Rao, Univ. Hyderabad.

Prof. Reji Phillip, RRI Bangalore.

Prof. Debabrata Goswami, IIT Kanpur.

Prof. D. N. Rao, Univ Hyderabad.

Dr. P. K. Mukhopadhay, RRCAT, Indore.

Prof. J. R. Mohanty, IIT Hyderabad.

Prof. Dhanbir Singh Rana, IISER Bhopal.

Prof. Prateek Sen, IIT Kanpur

Prof. Bipul Pal, IISER Kolkata.

Prof. Achanta Venugopal, TIFR Mumbai.

Prof. Parinda Vasa, IIT Bombay.

Prof. Santosh C., Manipal University

Dr. H. N. Ghosh, BARC, Mumbai

Dr. S. Nath, BARC, Mumbai

Prof. S. Prabhu, TIFR

Dr. Suman Bagchi, RRCAT

Prof. R. Biswas, SNBNCBS

Prof. S. K. Pal, SNBNCBS

Prof. A. Barman, SNBNCBS

Dr. R. K. Mitra, SNBNCBS

Dr. M. Pradhan, SNBNCBS

Dr. J. Sinha, SNBNCBS