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BoseStat@100: Centenary of Bose Statistics

International Conferences

International Conferences on:

  1. Dates: January 29 - February 02, 2024
    SCOPE: This conference will contain plenary and invited talks, as well as contributed talks/posters on photonics, quantum information, and quantum communication. The lectures will cover topics such as (but not restricted to) Boson sampling, QKD, multipartite quantum correlations, quantum resource theory, quantum thermodynamics, relativistic protocols, and optical implementations of QIP.
  2. Dates: July 17 -July 19, 2024
    SCOPE: Considering the ever-increasing importance of diversity in the scientific workforce, an international conference will be organized focused on female leaders in the area of quantum science and technologies. This conference aims to gather international and national female pioneers in the domain of quantum science and technology, which will serve as motivation to future community. There will be plenary and invited talks, as well as contributed talks/posters.
  3. Dates: November 12 - November 16, 2024
    SCOPE: This conference will cater to researchers in both theoretical and experimental physics, and will cover some of the fields where Bose-Einstein statistics and condensation are manifest, such as superconductivity, superfluidity, dilute atomic gases, quasiparticle condensation, slow light, etc. There will be plenary talks and invited talks, as well as contributed talks and posters.