S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences

Under Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India

Project Research Programmes

B.Tech. / M.Tech. / M.Sc. Project Research

Who Can Apply

Students currently registered under B.Tech. / M.Sc. / M.Tech. or similar programmes in any recognized institution/university and willing to do project research (dissertation work) at SNBNCBS can apply

Admission Procedure

  • Students willing to do project research (dissertation work) at SNBNCBS should apply well in advance in the prescribed form (click here to download) along with following requisite documents:
    • Recommendation from the HoD / Head of the Institution/University.

      [Note: The recommendation should state that the Thesis or Project Paper will acknowledge the contribution of SNBNCBS and that the performed work and any rights to the said work will be shared between the Centre with the institute of the applicant.]
    • Updated CV
  • After submission of the complete application, the same will be sent to the proposed guide for his/her consent
  • After obtaining guide's consent, a formal permission letter will be issued
  • A joining report (click here to download) is to be submitted to the Academic Section immediately after the commencement of the project work

Duration of Project Research

The tenure of the project will be not less than 1 (one) month not more than 12 (twelve) months.

Fees *

  • For duration up to 6 months: ₹ 6000/- (currently)
  • For duration up to 12 months: ₹ 12000/- (currently)

    (* to be payable upon receiving permission letter before the commencement of the project work)


The student shall bear the hostel (if availed) accommodation charge @ ₹ 100/- per day.

Important Note

  • The student will not receive payment of any kind from the Centre.
  • At the end of project tenure, the applicant has to deliver a presentation of his/her project work and a hardcopy of the project report (duly signed by the applicant and the guide) is to be submitted to the Academic Section.
  • The above are applicable also to students in any university / institution with whom SNBNCBS has signed MoU for academic cooperation.