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Technical Cell - Central Equipment Facilities

High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope (HRTEM)

Fig: High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope unit
Fig: EFTEM Image (Colour Mapped)
Fig: Selective Area Electron Diffraction (SAED)
Fig: STEM Image
Fig: High Resolution TEM Image (HRTEM )

Technical Specification

Electron Source
FEG Source
Operating Voltages
200kV, 120kV, 80kV
Imaging Modes
  • Bright field (BF)
  • Dark Field (DF)
  • High Resolution Imaging (HRTEM)
  • Selective Area Diffraction Pattern (SAD)
  • S-TEM Imaging
Analysis Mode
EDS Analysis
STEM-EDS Mapping (Point/Line /Area Mapping)
TEM point resolution (nm): 0.24
TEM line resolution (nm): 0.102
STEM resolution (nm): 0.19


  • Bottom mount CCD detector for TEM, HRTEM imaging
  • EDAX Detector for EDS Analysis in TEM, STEM mode.
  • High Angle Annular Dark Field Detector for STEM imaging.

HRTEM up-gradation

With the existing HRTEM in 2012 Gatan Imaging Filter (GIF) Detector has been attached which is capable of doing Chemical analysis of the TEM sample.

GIF Specification

Operation Modes
  1. Energy Filter TEM Imaging (EFTEM)
  2. Electron Energy Loss Spectrometry(EELS)
    1. TEM-EELS
    2. STEM-EELS (Point/Line/Area Mapping)
Operating Voltages
200kV, 120kV
Energy Field of view (eV)
Energy Resolution (eV FWHM)


Energy Filter CCD detector for EFTEM Imaging and EELS Spectrometry