S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences

Under Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India

Hindi Cell

The works executed by Hindi Cell in the Institute are as follows:


  • To organize Hindi Typing/Stenography/Language training/workshops for staff to motivate/promote them to do their Official work in Hindi.
  • To organize scientific and technical seminars/workshops for Reasarch Scholars and faculty to promote technical writing in Hindi

Translation works:

  • Administrative translation- Translation of Forms/Standard drafts,letters and Procedural materials.
  • Scientific and Technical translation- Translation of News Letters,Research Booklets, Research abstracts, Popular articles, Lectures and Executive summary of Annual reports.
  • Vetting of above translated materials.

To assist and acquaint in implementation of constitutional provisions related to Official Language to the staff:

  • Works regarding compliance of Official Language Policy and Rules.
  • Compliance of Annual Programme and Check Points regarding Official Language.
  • Organizing quarterly meetings of Official Language Committee of the Institute.
  • Collection and submission of quarterly, half yearly and annual reports regarding use of Official Language Hindi.
  • Organizing of Hindi Workshops for the staff.
  • Organizing of Hindi Weeks/Fortnights/Months.
  • Organizing competition of research paper writing in Hindi.
  • To encourage for increasing correspondence in Hindi in the Institute.
  • To assist in Hindi publication of the Institute.
  • To encourage Noting and Drafting in Hindi.
  • To encourage for entry in Hindi in registers as well as Service Books.
  • Compliance of Incentive Schemes for doing work in Hindi, in the form of cash prize.
  • “Aaj Ka Shabda”- a English word with its similar word in Hindi on every working day displays on the board.
  • Other works related to progressive use of Official Language- preparing in bilingual of rubber stamps, letter heads and sign-boards of the Institute.